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About Us

Are you looking for a workplace that values family, safety, honesty, and caring? Awarded the Dealer of Excellence award, we're a family-oriented Exclusive Volvo Dealer established in 1961 in Shelburne, VT.  We actually celebrated our 50-year anniversary with Volvo this year!

We prioritize our employee's happiness above all else, and we're looking for team members who match our family values! Apply Today!

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Our Team

We're here to help you! With competitive benefits and a workplace that truly cares about its employees, Almartin Volvo Cars ensures that you get what you need to be successful! Our family atmosphere provides you with a workplace where you can perform at the top of your game and advance your professional life. In addition, we truly value our employees' time with their families and are firm believers in work-life balance.

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Community Involvement & Events

Vermont is a small place and our team could very well have grown up down the street from you or your spouse could have gone to school with one of us. We see each other on the slopes, the lake, the farmer’s market or on the golf course. We see this community as an extended part of our family and caring for this community has been a common thread over the years.

We are a big supporter of our local recreation department. We sponsor the sports teams and we are the exclusive sponsor of the Summer music program. We are involved with the Dragon Boat Races and donate to the Cancer Society yearly. In addition, our team has participated in many of the Big Chill Events and has jumped in the frigid waters of Lake Champlain to benefit the VT Epilepsy Foundation.

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Our Mission

We don’t need lots of words to relay our top priority, it’s been the same for 50 years in this multi-generational family-owned business. We may just have said it a little differently over that time, but it’s never wavered. Our priority is our customers! The customer experience, in ANY situation, should leave you feeling absolutely certain you are with the best team – period. If you ask any employee, they’ll tell you what the Thibaud family has told them: Mission accomplished if our customers leave thinking “I’d love to golf/ski/fish/boat with that person!”. That’s where we’ve done our job.


401k Plan*

*Available after 6 months of employment! Includes a 50% match, up to a max of 2%

Supplement Health Insurance

Full Dental Insurance

Short Term Disability Insurance


Paid Time Off

Labor Discount on Repairs

Discount on Parts


Allison Pelski

"I am more than an employee at Almartin, I am part of a family. I came here after leaving a very toxic work environment where I was unable to be successful in my career and have the work-life balance I needed as a mother of two. At Almartin, I am challenged daily in my work which keeps things exciting and able to grow in my career. I feel supported daily which in turn makes for a happy work environment."

Steven LaClaire

I've worked for Almartin Volvo Cars for more than four years. The company was mostly unknown to me before I started so I was apprehensive to say the least. Having an extensive background working in auto dealerships, it turned out they were unsure of me also. Almartin is truly a "family first" company and welcoming someone with more traditional dealership experience was a new concept. Thankfully, their approach to business and commitment to the customer is exactly what I was looking for. In an industry that is often criticized for predatory practices, it can be difficult to find a workplace that embodies the same values I hold for myself. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are the foundation of everything we do. It didn't take long to realize I had found the place where I will finish my career. Interestingly enough, it was something I failed at that proved to me I was in the right place.  Continued ->

I was creating an offer for a current customer and presented them with a trade value and new vehicle price. He went about his day to consider the deal. A few days later, I learned he purchased a vehicle from a different Volvo dealer. Their offer was quite a bit better than mine. The General Manager met with me to find out what happened. She then explained to me that protecting our relationship with our loyal customers is far more important to her than any short-term satisfaction gained by a "good gross." What stood out to me was the emotion with which this was communicated. I truly believed what she was saying and, more importantly, I could see that she believed in what she was saying. So frequently businesses tell you what they think you want to hear to sell a product or recruit you. At Almartin Volvo, I've found the opposite. We believe in what we say and will not change who we are for the sake of selling a car. Coming to work here is the best professional decision I've ever made.