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Beacon Care is one of the region's best companies, serving the communities in Tenesee, Alabama, and Georgia. Our team enjoys training programs, a fantastic culture and opportunities for advancement, which are company-wide focuses to help you grow both personally and professionally. We're interested in helping your career and adding to your resume because we know that happy employees lead to happier customers!

Building a Legacy

Since we opened, we've steadily grown and we've continued to build our loyal customer base, which speaks to how enthusiastic we are for the future! Here at Beacon Care we believe our employees are the fuel that drives our business, so we treat each person like a valuable part of the team.



Our Core Values

Exceed Expectations

Our team members are specially trained and highly qualified to manage even the most complex cases. We coordinate closely with a client’s clinical team to ensure a superior standard of care.


Get ahead of problem. We own our successes and mistakes (While rare – We are human!) and we provide a solution.


We are a group of honest, caring professionals. We believe in doing the right thing all the time for our client’s extended network of caregivers, case managers, adjusters, and their families.


We put ourselves in our client’s shoes. See the situation from their perspective and act accordingly.


We over communicate. Sharing information; good and bad, is the life blood to developing trust and rapport, and the best way to do that is to over communicate.

Our Team Members Are Compassionate


Our staff understands that individuals recovering from a catastrophic injury, stroke, or surgery want one thing; to get back to their everyday lives. Our emphasis on attainable goals not only creates a path towards recovery, it breaks down treatment into manageable steps, which leads to higher success rates.

Beacon Care also focuses on the patient’s support team –we make the support team an integral part of the recovery process. Recovery from catastrophic injuries can impact the relationship dynamics of those closest to the patient, their family. To limit the stress that the recovery process places on relationships, we take the time to educate both client and family on available resources as well as help them develop the skills they’ll need to ensure a successful recovery.

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