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We believe in the lifechanging power of fitness. Our goal is to promote health, fitness and a sense of community by providing spaces for people to connect through exercise in Chicago.

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We’re a community that’s passionate about the work we’re doing and the people we’re doing it with. At CAC your authentic self will be celebrated no matter what role you take on. CAC’s clubs are a place where creative and active individuals working there are celebrated, supported and inspired to be their best and we’re known for providing an exceptional member experience all because of our genuine team members!


Employee Spotlight

“Saying I like to work at CAC would be an understatement - I LOVE working at CAC! The atmosphere is so welcoming, very down to earth, making you feel right at home. The management team is incredibly supportive, with so much experience and knowledge to offer. Everyone supports each other, creating a very uplifting and motivational work environment. I also loving working at CAC because of our members - they are so incredible, and so dedicated. They inspire ME to do my job at my best every day! Hands down, the best place to work in Chicago!”

Steph B.
Group Fitness Instructor

Employee Spotlight

“I started working at the Customer Service Desk (CSD) at LPAC in July of 2012. Being part of the CSD team was so fulfilling because you're the face of the club and you get to meet so many amazing people, members and staff alike. I have several friendships to this day completely due to my time at the CSD and I'm forever grateful for how connected I became to the community through this job. Being a familiar face at the CSD certainly helped me once I decided to follow my longtime dream of becoming a personal trainer.”

Caleb B.
Personal Trainer

Employee Spotlight

“Being a membership advisor is all about connecting with others, which is very rare and rewarding to find in a job. Building relationships with members, networking with your community, and growing as a team are what we do on a daily basis, which quickly makes CAC feel like home for me.”

Ally G.
Membership Advisor

Employee Spotlight

“I love coming to work. To say that after 12 years of working at the same place is rare. CAC is my second home. I love the clubs, and our Pilates studios are gorgeous. The quality of training is phenomenal, and my fellow instructors inspire me every day.”

Megan D.
Pilates Director

Employee Spotlight

“My favorite part of working for CAC was the sense of community I felt every day. There is a joyful comradery between employees and club members alike. As an advisor I had the opportunity to connect with people of all walks of life about their fitness ambitions, lives and routines. I learned so much about how to truly listen.”

Crystal J
Former Membership Advisor

Employee Spotlight

“My position as Membership Advisor at the Chicago Athletic Clubs granted access to the highest level of standards in fitness, sales and customer service. The CAC community is a well-rounded group of hard-working individuals who promote and support goal-setting in a way that is both realistic and generative. Since relocating, my time in the Membership Department at the Chicago Athletic Clubs proves to have provided the tools and resources necessary to compete for high-level jobs in the sales industry in New York City.”

Elle L.
Former Membership Advisor