International Employment

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Work in the Pine Tree State


Every year, Cliff House welcomes team members from around the globe to join our dedicated team of luxury hospitality professionals. Through a handful of International Visa Programs, we are able to welcome employees for 90 days up to three years depending on the visa. Joining the Cliff House team will give you the opportunity to live and work in Maine, nestled between the towering pine trees and salty Atlantic ocean. Below, find more information on the International Visa Programs accepted at Cliff House Maine and which sponsor agencies to apply through.



J1 Work & Travel

J1 Work & Travel students are currently enrolled in university programs internationally. Students spend up to four months working with the team at Cliff House Maine, gaining valuable hospitality experience, before setting out to travel and explore in the United States. Our sponsor agencies are CHI and CCUSA.



J1 Internship

For international students who have recently graduated from University, Cliff House partakes in the J1 Internship Program. We are able to provide intensive hospitality training to our 12-month J1 interns, who may work in many departments such as culinary, rooms, food & beverage or engineering. Cliff House works with the graduates to determine which best matches their professional goals. Our J1 Internship agency is Alliance Abroad and CHI.



TN1 and TN2

Career hospitality professionals holding a TN1 or TN2 visa are welcomed to Cliff House to continue their development for up to 3 years in their field of interest. Experiencing Luxury Hospitality on the coast of Maine provides unmatched expertise for these professionals to carry throughout their careers. Our TN1 and TN2 agency is Placement International.




Cliff House embraces H2B visa holders who work with us during our peak season, bringing enthusiasm, passion, and skill to their work.