Career Paths

Mrs Rodriguez is one of our bright stars in DeKalb Sycamore Chevrolet. Cassie started in February of 2017 and has grown to be one of our strongest Sales Consultants. Of course there is always a hill to climb when it comes to joining a new field. Regardless of the little experience, she was given a chance to do Sales and has taken full advantage of the extensive training she was provided with here at DeKalb Sycamore. She has been Sales Consultant of the Month 3 times and continues to be among the Top 3 every month. Enjoys coming to work every day and helping whoever she can with finding the perfect car. A proud member of DeKalb Sycamore Chevrolet and a prime example of being a success story within the dealership.

Cassie Rodriguez
Sales Consultant

Mr. Damian started in December of 2015. He began his career in DeKalb Sycamore Chevrolet as a Quick Lube employee. Due to some staff changes, he quickly went from being in the pit to being the Quick Lube Manager. Johnny had little to no experience with our system but quickly caught on with the training that was provided by the dealership. As the years went on the Quick Lube needed a change and Mr. Damian took a shot with the Business Development Center in Dekalb Sycamore Chevrolet. He was provided with all the training he needed to succeed in this field. It goes to show that as long as you believe in yourself and take advantage of the training that is provided you can develop and grow in any part of the dealership. That is a huge benefit working with us.

Johnny Damian
BDC Representative

Mr. John Rivera started working here at DeKalb Sycamore Chevrolet as a Salesman on September 21st, 2018. John came in with experience for sales so he was able to take off very quickly here at DeKalb Sycamore Chevrolet. Even though he had experience, he took advantage of the training programs that were available to him. John gained knowledge in all aspects of sales and has been given the chance to take his path to a whole other level. With his experience and knowledge he has gained and earned the position of Finance Manager. At any time, as long as you are dedicated and love what you do. There are many opportunities for you here at DeKalb Sycamore Chevrolet.

John Rivera
Business Manager