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Careers at Generations Home Care

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Who We Are

Generations Home Care started with the goal of being the best in-home care provider and employer in Washington state.

Most of our clients are seniors in need of help. Our staff are able to come into their lives and be a genuine blessing for weeks, months, and years. Helping with activities of daily living is the simplest part of the job, but our most successful caregivers and staff build relationships with families, clients, and each other that last a lifetime. 


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Our Philosophy

Generally, happy employees will do a good job and work hard to make happy clients. So we started with the question- how do we make our caregivers happy? We have asked a lot of questions over the years, but that one is at the heart of them all.

The answers weren’t as simple as we expected. Many caregivers didn’t choose a job based solely on pay, hours, or schedule. Those things are a factor, but most caregivers are working because they feel it is part of a “calling” to help others. They love the opportunity to work with people in need. So learning all this, we centered the company around a few major components and values... read about them below!

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Our Values

First, our employees matter. Every person has dignity and value and deserves care. So when our employees have hard days, need to call out, or face an emergency; we do our best to receive them with grace and ask if there are ways we can help. Second, we strive to pay at the top of our market. We update our wages regularly in hopes of being competitive in our pay and benefits. Third, we provide opportunities for the future. We offer things like tuition assistance, continuing education, and bonuses based on achievements and growth.

Our goal is to help every person reach their full potential. And last, we own our mistakes. In many organizations, caregivers can be the “fall guy” or get thrown under the bus by administrative staff. From the top down, we have our caregiver's backs, recognizing the challenges they face every day.

Our Culture

Generations Home Care has been awarded the “Great Place to Work” award by Home Care Pulse in 2023. More than that, many past caregivers have been kind enough to leave reviews for us primarily complimenting our culture of grace and patience. 

Over the years, we have had employees go on to become Registered Nurses (RN’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s), and even Advanced Registered Nurse Practicioners (ARNP)! Others have continued to work for us for years, loving and enjoying the client relationships they have formed. Regardless of individual ambition, our aim is to help all of our team achieve their potential and grow as humans and professionals.


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