About Our Company

Our History

Giles Automotive, Inc. was founded in March of 1982 by Robert E. Giles, Robert L. Giles, Jr. and Perry M. Giles. The Giles Family has a long history in the automotive business. Robert L. Giles, Sr. had organized a used car business in the twenties and in 1938 organized Southern Motor Company, a Packard franchise, which evolved into the present finance, rental and leasing company known as Autorent.

In 1970 Robert L. Giles, Jr. and Perry M. Giles purchased a Volkswagen dealership in Texas City, Texas. In 1974 Giles Volkswagen of Texas City purchased the Volvo franchise to compliment the Volkswagen line.

In 1980 the Giles family was offered an opportunity for a Volkswagen dealership in Lafayette, Louisiana. After countless hours of research into the economy and growth potential of the area, it was decided that Lafayette would be a good location for another Giles dealership. It was also determined that Porsche and Audi would be excellent products for the area, and an agreement was reached with VWOA to represent all three lines in the Lafayette area. Construction began thereafter and the doors opened in March of 1982.

Since 1982, Giles Automotive, Inc. has evolved to be one of the leading auto dealers in this area, and now sells Volvo, Subaru and Nissan cars and trucks. Additionally, we have expanded our business to include a Nissan point in Opelousas.

The goal of Giles Automotive is to continue to be the top automobile dealer in the area, and to gain and hold the loyalty and respect of our customers by providing and delivering products and services of the greatest possible value.

It is our philosophy to manage efficiently and effectively in such a way to promote openness and candor of communication. We hope that you will enjoy being a member of our team, and join with us in pursuit of our goals.

Together we can honor our obligations to society both as individuals and as a corporation by being an economic, intellectual, and social asset.