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Make Hyperion Managed Services your future. At Hyperion, we believe our employees come first. We empower creativity, innovation, and effort. We strive to provide our employees with support, guidance, and the best possible resources to do their job efficiently. Hyperion provides employees with cutting-edge technology. We invest in education and training to ensure our employees’ success and personal advancement. We believe in work-life balance. Our goal is to create a company culture so unique and diverse that other companies are inspired to follow our lead.

Hyperion Managed Services was founded in 2012 when Owner, Ryan Ninneman, discovered that small businesses had a technology disadvantage compared to larger and more established organizations. Small businesses did not have the experience, knowledge, or funds to implement technology to make them more efficient and profitable. Ryan wanted to even the playing field so he decided to offer his services to organizations that needed a Virtual Chief Information Officer. Ryan was surprised on how many small businesses were interested in his services. Hyperion gained 28 accounts within 5 years without marketing! Hyperion now offers design, implementation, administration, maintenance, and support of all small business accounts networks, servers, desktops, and mobile devices. The company is named after the Greek God of watchfulness & wisdom. Ryan felt the name was appropriate seeing that our job is to watch over our customer’s networks while providing guidance and leadership in technology.


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