The NEW Kenosha Toyota will be hiring for all positions beginning in July 2021!


We have nothing of greater value than our people. The new Kenosha Toyota respects the uniqueness of every individual and encourage all employees to strive to make a difference.  We build strong teams of confident, creative people with a high degree of initiative, discipline and respect.   

It is our mission to exceed the expectations of our people and maintain their loyalty for a lifetime. 

We do this through the following promises we make to our employees:

- Unconditional dedication to excellence

- Giving back to your community.

- Honesty and integrity in all decisions.

- Supporting you and your family.

- Respecting the uniqueness of every individual.

- Encouraging you to make a difference.

- Championing your lifelong learning.


“The best part of working here, in my experience, is the honesty, trust, hard work, and loyalty are rewarded to employees in this business. From ownership/management, all the way to push mowing the boulevard, you are an important youth in the sprocket to keep the wheel turning.”

Bryce Peterson
Chrysler Master Technician

“Having started in the sales department and not finding my groove there .They helped find a place for me in a department I never thought I would enjoy, let alone thrive in.”

Melissa Schmig
Parts Adviser

“Having started out in the Quick Lane, I had an interest in being a technician. The dealership, seeing my potential, helped sponsor me for the Ford Assets program. I’m now a certified Ford technician. They provided a great opportunity to grow my career.”

Sawyer Nelson
Ford Certified Service Technician

“I have had a number of experiences and opportunities here that have been instrumental in shaping my professional life. I think our company is focused on creating a community for its employees and giving them opportunities to grow and advance. We as a company only succeed when our employees are successful and happy in their own professional lives and pursuits.”

Brandon Lee
Office Manager


At Kenosha Toyota our overarching vision is, “To be so effective that we are able to be helpful to others,” and we carry that vision over to the community where we live and work.  We believe it is both our gift and our responsibility to be good neighbors and partners with the communities which provide us our success. We are excited to engage with the Kenosha community.