What makes Kicksite unique? In a word: PURPOSE.

We feel personal satisfaction in knowing we play a critical role in helping our business owners win. To us, it’s personal. In our opinion, there’s too many faceless software companies out there. At Kicksite, we embrace our mission of helping owners run successful businesses where they impact their members and their communities every day!

Woman on the phone

About us

 In our humble opinion, Kicksite is the ideal technology company. 

After nearly 20 years, we don’t have the startup risk that often accompanies a business in our space.  Even more important is the fact that we have the rare distinction of being a family owned business that isn’t focused exclusively on profits and growth at all costs.  We have grown significantly and responsibly throughout our history.

Kicksite has more 5 Star Google reviews than any other software company in our industry.  In addition, we enjoy a longer track record than many of the newcomers and have built our reputation by focusing on the customer experience and success with our product.

What We’re Looking For

Are you the right fit for our growing team?

Kicksite is a special place to work because of the quality of the individuals who work here. We know that success comes from a company’s employees and we love having a team that’s built for efficiency, large enough to make a difference, but optimized so that every person has an impact. Here, your voice is heard, your contributions matter, and performance is recognized/rewarded both on the individual and organizational level. 

And as for you? Hopefully, you saw that list of words in our graphic at the top of this page and said “Hey, I’m most of those things!” (definite bonus points if you’re all of them). But above all, we just want people who are consistently committed to helping us innovate and keep pushing Kicksite into the future!

We Live It

Kicksite isn’t just tech-driven, but also community-driven.

We know that important work happens outside of our everyday job duties.  For example, we host an annual strength competition fundraiser where donations are made to food pantries, helping the houseless throughout the Kansas City area.  

Beyond supporting nonprofits and charitable efforts in our own backyard, Kicksite also works hard to identify opportunities to impact our customers in their own communities.

Our martial arts schools and fitness gyms are helping their communities through confidence building, skill development, goal setting, and increasing overall well being… WE LOVE IT because WE LIVE IT!



Competitive or better than the market value!


We offer medical, dental and vision insurance.

Growth Opportunities

​​​​​​Upward mobility within the organization.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible work and are off at noon on Fridays!


Bonus opportunities as company milestones are met.

Family First

We shut down our company between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Career Pathing

Levels programs allowing for promotions within departments.

Referral Bonus

Refer a friend to work alongside you!


Pamela Weber

Pamela started as an employee using Kicksite in a local martial arts school.  As someone with extensive school management experience, she joined the team over 11 years ago as a Customer Liaison, training other schools on effective use of the product.  Since that time, Pamela has had the opportunity to see her career flourish and has been given the opportunity to fulfill many unique roles at Kicksite.

Mike Selck

Mike has an extensive fitness track record as a competitive bodybuilder and certified nutritionist. In addition, Mike was a National Champion in Debate at Southern Illinois University. Kicksite is a place where all of his skills are embraced!  As a member of our sales team, Mike leverages his personal interest in fitness with his professional talents to connect with business owners all over the globe. 

Briana Kelly

Briana Kelly began her career at Kicksite 3 years ago as a long standing enterpreneur.  As a previous small business owner of nearly 10 years, Briana was able to immediately connect with clients as a member of our Customer Success Team.  As her skill set grew, Briana transitioned to a new position at Kicksite and is now making great contributions as a member of our Quality Assurance team.