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A key to Legacy's success and rapid growth is the dealer principal's dedication to honesty and family-his own as well as the families of his employees. He has demonstrated this since the very beginning by insisting on transparency in pricing and by providing health insurance for all full-time and many part-time employees.


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Jake Smith

I first joined Legacy Automotive Network in October of 2006. Being a recent high school graduate, I was looking for a job to get me through from week to week. Not long after starting, I discovered that this was not that type of job. Instead, I would make a career with Legacy. The staff was friendly and eager to make sure I fully understood what I was doing. But the best part is they expected me to grow professionally to become a key person in the company's success.

When I started, I held an entry level position in the detail department. Although I really liked my position, I wanted more, specially a management position. So, with hard work and persistence, I got promoted to the sales floor. I loved it. I was able to communicate with folks just like me and build relationships, not just as customers, but as friends.

After being a sales consultant for about four years, I was promoted again to floor manager. I supervised the sales floor and took care of hiring and training for our department, emphasizing daily the importance of upholding Legacy's integrity. I knew from first-hand experience that I was working for a very credible company with an owner who wanted everyone treated fairly. I also realized he had a genuine concern for his employees' happiness and really wanted us all to be the best we could be and grow within the company.

I've now been with Legacy for 12 years and could not imagine working anywhere else. I am currently general sales manager of Legacy Nissan, and I love it. Working with this company has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I look forward now to continuing the growth of my career and this company.

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