Work With Us

“We have nothing of higher value than our people”

Building a Legacy

Lunde Auto Center is focused on the concept of building a team of motivated individuals to create a unique dealership experience for our customers. In each department of the dealership, we strive to produce a work environment that each employee can feel proud to be apart of. We feel investing in our employees and our business processes make customer feels like part of our family.

One of the areas that we as a dealership find employee success in is by creating opportunity for advancement within and beyond our dealership. Lunde Auto Center is part of The Rydell Company, but is locally owned by Andy Boen. Andy believes that we should build and train our staff to become so successful in their roles that they become not only a vital asset to the continued growth of the dealership, but also The Rydell Company. Currently, Lunde Auto Center has 19 staff members that have been employed for 15 years or more. We have also had several employees move on to manage other stores and start their own dealerships within The Rydell Company.

We find success with our customers by providing well trained sales and service staff in a relaxed environment. To our current and future customers, we thank you for allowing us to continue to provide opportunity for our team, our community, and our legacy.

How We Care For Our Team

“Lunde Auto Center isn’t just a dealership where you come to buy a car. I have been with the sales team for 4 years and it has become a home for me, not just a job I wake up and go to every morning. The family orientation not only makes me feel like a member of the family, but we strive everyday to make sure our guests feel like part of the family as well. Together, we make sure the experience at Lunde Auto Center is like no other.”

Sales Consultant

“I have worked for Kia for 4 years. One of the reasons why I enjoy working here is due to the great teamwork we all display, and the willingness to help each other out. Another reason, is because we have a strong brand and provide excellent service to our customers.”


Partners with Our Community

At Lunde Auto Center, we take great pride in becoming part of our community. We use this as an opportunity to come together as a team and help others out. Below are some of the things we’ve done to immerse ourselves in the the community that we are so fond of.