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An established, family-owned dealership that is still growing after over 50 years! A place where the employees are a valued part of the company as evidenced by the longevity of our workforce - a third of the workforce (34%) has been here for 10+ years. Mike Savoie Chevrolet is a place you can be proud to work as we hold ourselves to the highest-level of integrity.

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Building a Legacy

Mike Savoie Chevrolet is a thirdgeneration familyowned dealership that has been in business since 1966, and remains one of the fastest growing dealerships in the Metro Detroit area! We hold ourselves to the highestlevel of integrity and take in pride in doing the right thing for our customers and our employees. We are dedicated to developing our people and empowering them to grow their careers in the automotive industry.

Employees of Mike Savoie Chevrolet are our most valuable assets as evidenced by the longevity of our workforce a third of our employees have been with us for over 10 years! They are the constant that ensures our current and future success as well as contribute to our family atmosphere.


Employee Spotlight

“I have been fortunate enough to have been employed by Mike Savoie Chevrolet for over fifteen years and I have been in the retail automotive business for thirty years, so I know a bit about what makes an organization a wonderful place to grow and prosper. When I started at Mike Savoie Chevrolet, my daughter was three years old and it was a tricky time for me both personally and professionally as I had just relocated to Michigan and was without my “village”. Everyone was so friendly and helpful to me as I got to know Michigan and the way dealerships are run here. When my daughter started first grade, I left to try my hand at being a project coordinator for the insurance restoration industry, as I was under the impression that I could work less hours and make about the same income. It only took three months to realize that I had made a miscalculation of epic proportions! Thankfully, the dealership welcomed me back and I was so glad to be back! I will always value the opportunity that I was given here and the caring and supportive environment that made it possible for me to excel in my dual role as parent and sole breadwinner for our little two-person family. What stands out about this dealership is the integrity that everyone brings to the table and this starts from the top. It has always been important to me to be able to take care of my clients and that means bringing a sense of transparency to the table each and every day. I have always said that this dealership dots all of its “i’s” and crosses all of its “t’s” and that is the best feeling to know that things are done correctly. We say what we mean and mean what we say!”

Sandy McMenomay
Sales Consultant (since 2003)

Employee Spotlight

“It is a privilege to have worked at Mike Savoie Chevrolet for over 14 years. It has been a challenging and engaging experience over that time. I started in Pre-Owned vehicle sales then moved to the New vehicle sales. After several years of sales experience at Mike Savoie Chevrolet and over 10 years’ experience in the business, I was given an opportunity as the Finance Manager. In 2008, I took an 11-month hiatus to pursue other career interests. I quickly missed the family environment sense of self that comes with working at Mike Savoie Chevrolet. I returned to Mike Savoie Chevrolet and continued as the Finance Manager, a position I enjoyed for over 10 years. Most recently I was moved up to one of the Sales Manager positions. I enjoy working at Mike Savoie Chevrolet and I look forward to many more years here!”

Jon Hoke
Co-New Car Manager (since 2004)

Employee Spotlight

“I’ve been working at dealerships for several years now. I started as a detailer, and later on taking on the role as a porter at exports stores, like Mercedes, and Land Rover Jaguar. I learned quickly that I really enjoyed dealership life. However, my life was put in fast forward mode with having my first child at a very young age. Those positions I once had were not going to work for my family any longer and I had to do something about it. I had asked about advancing at the previous dealer I worked at, but it just didn’t work out. I came to Mike Savoie Chevrolet with expectations of moving up in the company, and they have delivered just that! I started in the Business Development Center, and after only being there a few months, I was offered to work in the Parts Department. Not only was it great to find a company that values the needs of their employees, but one that has given me an opportunity to learn new things in the process.”

Brandon Rutherford
Parts Consultant (since 2017)

Employee Spotlight

“In 2016, I started working part-time as a cashier in the Service Department. A short time later, I was promoted to the head receptionist position in our New vehicle showroom. Simultaneously, I was given the opportunity to be involved with our Courtesy Loaner Car program. I was trained directly by Mr. Savoie and continue to work directly with upper management throughout the process today. In addition to my responsibilities managing our Loaner fleet, I have since been promoted to my current position as the Accounting Clerk. Having had an opportunity to “float” around the dealership has exposed me to a lot. There have been many challenges and learning opportunities along the way, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

Mya Duncan
Accounting Clerk (since 2016)

Employee Spotlight

“Working for Mike Savoie Chevrolet has taught me many things. When I first started here as the Body Shop Assistant Manager, I quickly learned how a department should run. A few years later, an opportunity arose for me to run my own department elsewhere. On my journey, I quickly learned that not many places run the way Mr. Savoie runs his dealership. When the opportunity of returning as the Body Shop Manager was presented, I was overwhelmed with joy to be considered. It was clear upon my return that what separates Mike Savoie Chevrolet from others is simple – it’s the support. Although one of the top dealerships in the country, Mike Savoie Chevrolet operates like a small family-owned dealership. You’re more than just a number, you’re part of the team. I could not be more pleased to be part of this team once again.”

Robert Elezovic
Body Shop Manager

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