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We're about so much more than equipment. We're about hard work, tradition and most of all family.

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Building a legacy

Monroe Tractor is a reputable company based on a history of investing in its people. We are passionate about the success of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers. The longevity of our business success and our growth is rooted in the simple philosophy to grow our employees and treat our customers with the respect and courtesy they deserve.

We believe that our success comes from making sure our associates have the best training and the resources they need to empower them to make the best decisions. It’s our goal to provide every team member with the following:

Work-Life Balance | Recognition | Empowerment | Open-Door Management

Benefits? Glad you asked!

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Employee Spotlight

“Our management team is for the employees and are always looking for ways to keep down the costs of our Health Insurance.”       

“Monroe Tractor is a wonderful place to work because management cares about its employees. You can see it in the longevity of many employees.”

“I really look forward to going to work every day. I like talking to customers, hearing their stories, past and present and working with the other employees who are like family.”

Deborah Bogino

Employee Spotlight

“The most interesting and important thing for me about working for Monroe Tractor is the freedom to make decisions and our input is valued by corporate.”

“As a manager I enjoy the process of assembling a staff and watching them succeed. It makes the job more worthwhile to know that you help make the people around you successful as well.”

“Everyone is accessible. If you have a problem or a question everyone from the owner down is available to call.”

“Monroe Tractor takes care of their employees. If you are willing to put in the time, they provide upward mobility opportunities when they are available.”

“Don’t come here if you are just looking for a job. Come here if you are looking for a career and believe in something greater than yourself.”

“It surprises people to see how successful we are, yet we still have fun. We enjoy coming to work each day to see what we can overcome and keep our customers going."

Kris Bower

Employee Spotlight

“I have the freedom to set my own destiny. Every day I get to go out on the road in my defined area and 90% of the time it’s on me to determine where to go to find opportunities. It’s tremendous freedom to do a good job.”


“You don’t have to limit yourself at Monroe Tractor. Drive and a willingness to learn don’t go unnoticed. If you have interest in different branches or roles in our business, there is certainly room for growth.”

Joe Jadhon

Employee Spotlight

“I enjoy having the ability to work with the people across the different stores, manufacturers, and the customers. Overall it’s a good group of people that want to do a good job for the customer and Monroe Tractor.”


“Most companies this size are run by a corporation and you are just a number. At Monroe Tractor you are someone.”


“I left Monroe and came back because I missed the people and the feeling of being part of this team. Monroe Tractor provides challenging positions for anyone who wants a rewarding career.”

James Kingston

Employee Spotlight

“At Monroe Tractor you have a good quality of life, great co-workers and fair management.”

Ken Zelter

Employee Spotlight

“Monroe Tractor is making a conscious effort to maintain the principles on which the company was founded.”


“I honestly feel that I have a voice in impacting change and direction as we grow as a business.”


“At Monroe Tractor you have easy access to the owners who are willing to listen.”


“In a specialized role there really aren’t any repeat days and the job doesn’t become mundane. There are always problems to figure out and tweaks to this thing or that thing that make this a fresh experience.”


“My advice to job seekers? Don’t hesitate, it’s a great place to work.”

Seth Conway

Employee Spotlight

“This is a family driven company that respects each employee’s family and their needs.”


“If you do the best you can and always be accountable for your actions, you can have a long-term home here.”


“It’s a rewarding job especially when you hear back from a customer on how you and your team save the day for them when they are in a crisis.”

Chris Stewart

Employee Spotlight

“When I am asked to help train new employees, I know the company has faith in my knowledge, values my opinion and recognizes me as an asset to the company.”


“Monroe Tractor is a stable, reputable company to work for. At Monroe, I am asked my opinion and allowed to share my thoughts.”

Vickie Earl

Women Run Business

We may be in a male dominated industry but Monroe Tractor is run by Janet Felosky and is recognized as a WBE, Women Business Enterprise, in New York State and Massachusetts.

What does that mean?

It means that when doing business with state authorities and agencies, Monroe Tractor and companies that utilize our equipment to get their state job done, receives more consideration because of state guidelines to do a certain percentage of business with a WBE.



Monroe Tractor in the Community

We take the role of being a good employer, a good neighbor, and an engaged and active member of the community to heart. Our team recognizes the value of a healthy, strong and safe community and works to maintain these goals through financial contributions as well as volunteering in charitable causes.

We partner with our communities and charities in the following ways:

+ Tioga Soil and Water Case Program

Tioga County Soil and Water Conservation District aims to assist individual landowners, groups, and units of government with any natural resource concern that is brought before it, which may take the form of technical advice, technical assistance, or finding a solution through another entity.

+ Team Rubicon – North East dealer for storm damage repair 

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.Team Rubicon is generously supported by a community of private donors, foundations, and corporate partners. Their support has allowed us to scale as an organization, empower veterans nationwide, and to serve communities on their worst days.

+ Tractor and Machinery Training for 4H - We volunteer time to help with hands-on learning and education programs for kids to build skills like responsibility, resiliency and hard work, which help them succeed in life.

+ Environmental Activism – We donate equipment to build ballparks and playgrounds in Henrietta

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