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“We have nothing of higher value than our people”

Building a Legacy

On a mission to do things differently than other automotive dealers, we at Okoboji Motor Company focus our efforts on providing unmatched quality automotive products and service and implemented the ‘Best Price Philosophy’. We strive to provide a more relaxed, honest, and enjoyable car buying experience. We aim to exceed our customers’ and employees’ expectations, maintaining their loyalty for a lifetime. We recognize the greatest resource we have is our employees and we never take that for granted. We strive to fill open positions within our ranks first, creating career paths for many of our employees regardless of where they start in our company.

We are very proud of our culture which largely comes from being a part of the Rydell Auto Group. The Rydell Auto Group was founded in 1954 and has grown into a group of 85 stores in 17 states! Our Founder, Leonard Rydell, had many strongly held business and personal philosophies that served him well. These philosophies, known as “Leonardism’s”, help guide us through our daily business and personal decisions. Some of our favorite “Leonardism’s” are…

  • “Never take advantage of a customer, even if you can.”
  • “Put yourself in a position to take care of as many people as possible.”
  • “Seek excellence, and the rest will follow.”

How We Care For Our Team

“My name is Mary Kay Lux. I started selling cars 32 years ago, when I wanted to start a career instead of just a job. I sure did not know anything about cars other than I drove a 2 blue door! Lucky for me, I had a manager that helped me understand just what happens after you turn the key! Being one of the few women that sold cars way back then, product knowledge was so important as most folks did not think a woman could sell cars! I remember trainings that would teach a Car Salesman how to sell to women. Simple, I let them all know, just treat us like you would any other man. Equal and never talk down to us, and answer all their questions and concerns.

I have now been at Okoboji GM Toyota for almost 14 years! I like to start with making a friend first. Wow! I have made so many good friends with my new and my long-time customers. Many of them have purchased several cars from me and it is such a compliment when they bring a friend or family member in to work with me! I do whatever it takes to make it fun to purchase a new car as I still remember the feeling of buying my first new truck. It was such an exciting time and I want to give all my customers that great feeling weather they are purchasing new or upgrading to one of our great used cars. Buying a car is a BIG DEAL! I am honored to be a part of it!

I have been here a long time. I have met so many wonderful people! There has been a lot of employees that have come and gone. Many of them were very good friends of mine, many of them hold a very special spot in my heart. I do appreciate our Okoboji GM Toyota family. We have a lot of GREAT people! I feel many of them really care for me and are there for me when I am down or in times of trouble. I try to be a good friend to them.”

Mary Kay Lux
Senior Sales Consultant

“I enjoy a lot of things about working at Okoboji Motor Company. My employers care about me as a person and want to see me succeed, not just for the benefit of the company but for my own personal benefit. They have always worked with me when things come up in my personal life, they are always understanding that family comes first. We have a really laid back environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves and everyone understand what is expected of them. In the future I hope to move into a finance type position, and then on to a new/used car manager and Okoboji is the best place for me to do that.”

Nick Jeffrey
Sales Consultant

“I've worked at OMC just over thirteen years. I came here from a furniture factory where my job was pretty much the same every day, very repetitive. My job here is anything but that! Every day is different! I love the brands of vehicles we sell here, each one of them high quality. I have owned a vehicle from each brand we sell and they have all been excellent. I love the way we do business at our dealership, as well as the company's vision statement. It is rewarding to see the passion that is displayed in carrying out those missions. Management is always striving to make every part of the dealership better, whether it be in Service, Sales, Parts or Body Shop or our People.I am very proud to be a part of this dealership! People in the community have approached me outside of the workplace and thanked me for things the dealership has done to support events in our community. I am the most proud of our dealership for the way they have rallied the community to help take care and support one of our very own employees with a benefit fundraiser coming up. I could not be prouder of a place to hang my hat where I "work,” if you can call it that!”

Pat Early
Senior Sales Consultant

Partners with Our Community

John Adams Owner/Publisher

Okoboji customer and head basketball coach at local school that we donate to:


“Ever since moving back to the Iowa Great Lakes area from Wyoming I have purchased and serviced vehicles with Okoboji Motor Company, and I could not be more pleased with the outstanding customer service and product that I receive. The vehicles that I purchase for my family and business have all been top of the line, and the Service and Detail Department go above and beyond to take care of those vehicles for us; whether it’s picking up and dropping them off for us so we don’t lose any time at work, or going the extra mile to make sure they are all working, OMC does it all!

I am also the head girls basketball coach at Okoboji High School as well as President of the Okoboji Youth Basketball Association, and Okoboji Motor Company is easily one of our best supporters. They not only support us with very generous donations, but they also allow us to use vehicles for team trips so we can travel in style and keep our money in our program while not having to spend it on travel expenses. Okoboji Motor Company also strongly supports our local booster club and countless other area non-profit organizations and the truly believe in making an impact in the communities that they serve.

The entire staff at Okoboji Motor Company is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and they make you feel like you are a part of their family; which as a small business owner and a basketball coach is something that is very important to me.”