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“We have nothing of higher value than our people”

Building a Legacy

We are not only the fastest growing Chevrolet Dealership in the Ozarks, but we also have the best people in the business. We know our people are the “Keys to the Car”, so to speak. We pride ourselves on being an outstanding place to work and a place where our customers know they will be treated like a ‘friend of the family’. We are proud to provide the type of fun, upbeat work atmosphere that produces an outstanding positive environment.

We are so glad you are here to learn about our Ozark Chevrolet! If you’d like to join our team please take a look at our open positions and apply today!

How We Care For Our Team

“Since I can remember, I have always had a passion for the Automotive Industry in general. From working on vehicles, and just the love of cars, has brought me to the here and now. My passion is figuring it out, turning a wrench and solving the problem. Even today, after all of these years, I find myself going home and working on my own vehicles and toys, I just really enjoy it. I would say my best skill is the willingness to educate and help others. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing someone get it and all of this just strengthens our team as a whole. I think my future with Ozark Chevrolet will be an awesome experience. The team here is on the right track. A great small town dealer that is doing all of the right things to be here for a very long time.”

Bill Pilmore,
Master Mechanic, Educator & Mentor

“I started in the Automotive Service business in 2002 after completing a 2 year Technical Degree in Automotive Service. I guess that makes over 17 years of experience now, which is really cool. My passion is the people and love of my cars. I really enjoy the aspect of determining the issues and fixing those problems to make our customers happy. It is so satisfying to fix the problem and see the response from our customers. I feel like my strongest area or skill would be my ability to communicate with people. I have always had the ability to make things clear and easy to understand when it comes to my job. I feel like communications is what I am best at. I pride myself on Customer Service and feel like if I can achieve the best customer satisfaction in my area and the Ozarks, in general then I will be doing what I wake up to do every morning. I want to be the best, period.”

Jody Brayden,
Service Advisor & Customer Service Pro

Partners with Our Community

At Ozark Chevrolet we are more than a business, we strive to be good neighbors and partners in our community. Therefore, we support various local organizations in order to give back and help better our community. We are especially proud of our support of: