About Our Company

Join the #1 Selling Chevy Dealer in Illinois

Our History

From humble beginnings in 1968 with a two car showroom, 12 employees, and an inventory of just over 40 cars, Phillips has grown to encompass three locations of over 150,000 total square feet, with more than 350 current employees and over 2,400 cars and 80 RVs in our inventory.

Our Leadership

Mike Maheras, the General Manager of all three locations of Phillips Chevrolet, signs every email he sends to staff members with his personal and professional credo, “Doing the Basics Brilliantly.” To Mike, this means that to be successful, every team member including himself should have a thorough understanding of their job role in order to perform in a way that exceeds customer expectations.

In customer-facing positions, “Doing the Basics Brilliantly” entails listening carefully to customers’ needs and concerns and responding to them with honesty and integrity. For our support staff, “Doing the Basics Brilliantly” means bringing minor issues to the attention of their supervisors before they become big issues. But “Doing the Basics Brilliantly” is most important when it comes to the management team of Phillips Chevrolet, who are expected to serve as mentors and models of ethical behavior for the team under their purview.

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