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What We Offer Our Employees

We want to help your career but we don't want your personal life to take a hit because of it. Daily life at Premier Companies is the best in the business! When you come to work for us, you can look forward to these added benefits.


Hello, my name is James Carbonell and I am a client advisor for Premier BMW of Cape Cod. I got my start in the automotive business over 20 years ago and occupied many roles until settling in the sales department. When Premier acquired our store, I experienced an immediate shift in culture. We no longer focus on how much we can make from an individual client and instead focus on providing an exceptional experience. Moving from the old-fashioned car business attitude to an honest and modern sales environment has been a breath of fresh air for me. Premier has brought the resources of a large company with the personal touch of a small family business. Our management is solely focused on our success and long-term growth. I highly recommend to anyone looking for an opportunity to start a career to consider joining our family. Regardless of the industry you are coming from we will find the right position and provide the training to give you the best chance for success. -James Carbonell