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Employee Testimonials

Susan Hanes said: "Prime Building Solutions: Nothing but good things to say. If you’re a night owl you will love the work. The pay is good and what he says he is going to do he will. The owners are very respectful of their employees. If you're sick and you call in you will be told to get better. The people you go clean for are all very easy to get along with. You may not always see them but there are times when you do. If your just looking for part-time work then this is the place for you as well. Pete will work with you however you need. I truly enjoyed working at Prime Solutions. Thank you Pete for being a great boss!"

Debbie Altman said "I have been working in the medical field for 35 years. I’ve never been a job hopper and have been fortunate to have worked for good people and have always been relatively happy at my job. That said, I found myself needing a second job to make life a little easier a few years ago and and came across by far the best help wanted post I’ve ever seen. It made me laugh but spoke to me in a way that I knew it would be awesome to work for the person who had placed it. The schedule was perfect because Pete was flexible. The pay was a considerable amount above what others were paying. Pete has by far been the best boss I’ve ever had. It’s different because this is a second job and I pretty much work unsupervised but when he is needed by his employees or his customers he is right there and is equally fair to both. His clients and employees are equally fortunate to have him. He goes out of his way to let his employees know how much he appreciates them. It’s been awesome working for this company and I appreciate him as well!" 

Core Values

Servant Attitude - we provide care (killing germs) and go above and beyond basic cleaning.

Always do the Right Thing - if you break something tell us, don't lie to us or the client.

Steward of Client and Company Property - treat it like you own it.


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