What DRIVES us at The Razzari Auto Centers?

Caring Deeply about the Success and Well-Being of our Co-Workers, Customers, and Community

We are DRIVEN by our desire to show, in everything we do, that we CARE DEEPLY ABOUT THE SUCCESS AND WELLBEING OF OUR CUSTOMERS, CO-WORKERS, AND COMMUNITY. We view the world through the lens of WIN-WIN. Our goal is that anytime you interact with The Razzari Auto Centers, you leave in a better place than when you arrived. Whether you are buying from us, working for us, or working with us, in every interaction, you WIN. We are committed to providing:

Doing Whatever It Takes

We are DRIVEN by a “DO WHATEVER IT TAKES” mentality. We don’t give up because the road gets rough. We go the extra mile because the company we want to become is a little further past where most every other company is willing go. We know that to get there, we must:

  • Have a “One More” mentality. Like a professional basketball player who stays after practice to shoot “One More” free throw, or a Professional Body Builder who does “One More” rep when he’s fatigued, we look forward to finding those opportunities to do just a little more than what’s expected to get extraordinary results.
  • Never Give Up on Getting it Right. We are relentless when it comes to getting the job done.
  • Be DRIVEN!

Being Straightforward, Transparent, & Truthful

We are DRIVEN to be STRAIGHTFORWARD, TRANSPARENT, AND TRUTHFUL. We are human. We sometimes make mistakes, but we don’t make excuses. When we make a mistake we will own it. We look at failure as feedback and we use it make ourselves better and stronger. Relationships are what bind us to our Customers, Co-Workers, and Community, and we know that those bonds are strongest when they are woven with Integrity. You’ll know we live this, because we:

Exudes Enthusiasm, Optimism, and Energy

We are DRIVEN by our ENTHUSIASM, OPTIMISM, and ENERGY! We are ENTHUSIASTIC about being a part of The Razzari Auto Centers. Our relationships with each other provide us with an Esprit de Corps that is ENERGIZING. And we are OPTIMISTIC about the future of our Community…and it shows!

The most successful businesses are the ones that add the most value to the lives of everyone they interact with. We are DRIVEN to do exactly that.

The Razzari Auto Centers is the engine that DRIVES the Valley.