About Us

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to our customers in the sale and repair of their motor vehicles.

About Herb Chambers

Prior to entering the automobile business, Herb Chambers was the founder of A-Copy America, which became the largest office copier dealer in the world. In 1983, he merged that company with what became Ikon Office Solutions, later acquired by Ricoh, the global provider of office imaging and digital cameras.

In 1985, Herb sought another business challenge. He has always been a car enthusiast, so he looked to the automobile business as a place loaded with opportunity. He was right! He started out with the purchase of a dealership in New London, CT. At that time there were 33,000 authorized auto dealerships. Herb likes to say, we became number 33,000 and one! Our auto business has grown very fast and today if we were publicly owned (which we are not) we would be ranked the 5th largest in the United States. That is a long way from 33,001!

Following the acquisition of the dealership in New London (Cadillac and Oldsmobile) another Cadillac dealership was acquired with the approval of General Motors in Providence, Rhode Island. That same year, Hyundai entered the U.S market and had many qualified applicants apply for the dealership in key areas. After reviewing the credentials of all of the applicants, Hyundai chose Herb Chambers to be their local dealer. Approximately six months later, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche dealerships were available in Boston. Needless to say, many people wanted these prestigious automobiles to sell and many applied. Only one was chosen by all three manufacturers, Herb Chambers.

Today, The Herb Chambers Companies generate over two billion dollars in sales each year, and employs over two thousand employees. That is twice as large as any other dealer in New England. In fact, last year over 50,000 people chose Herb Chambers as the place to buy their new or used vehicle and another 420,000 clients serviced with our dealerships.

Our Story

The mission of The Herb Chambers Companies is to provide the highest quality service to our customers in the sale and repair of their motor vehicles. We operate professionally managed dealerships committed to being the leader in the market areas they serve. We serve 35,000 customers per month, and generate 2.5 billion in revenue per year. We are also proud to sell over 50,000 cars annually, one at a time!

When drivers across New England hear the name Herb Chambers, they immediately think of value and dedicated customer service. That's because the Herb Chambers name is synonymous with these ideals and we bestow them upon everyone who comes to visit our Boston area dealerships.

Beyond simply selling new and used cars, The Herb Chambers Companies are committed to helping drivers get more out of their experience behind the wheel, by offering onsite auto service and repair at each of our locations. Drivers from all over the greater Boston and Providence area come to us for speedy oil changes, tire changes/rotations and more. Our customers can count on getting more out of each mile.

Only by offering this level of commitment to each of our customers can we begin to build the kind of long-lasting, meaningful relationships that define The Herb Chambers Companies.