Our Culture

Employee of the Month

Jim Evans

“Jim went above and beyond helping a customer out of town this month and got them back on the road. The customer ended up sending our owner a hand written letter about their experience. Jim is always helping people to make their experience here at the dealership great! We appreciate Jim’s hard work! ”– Mike Wilson, General Manager at Subaru of Little Rock

Employee of the Month

Montdre Spencer

“Montdre Spencer is our employee of the month at Acura of Little Rock! He busted his tail the month of August and worked really hard! He had an car wreck a while back and the doctor told him to limit his time at work because of the pain he was in. The pain didn’t stop him though, he lead the board pretty much all month and finished with 18.5 units sold! He went above and beyond!” – Rick Wood, General Manager

Employee of the Month

Ryan Higginbotham

"Ryan has average 18 units the last 90 days and is always engaged in self-study improvement. Some of the ways he does this is by reading sales and customer satisfaction books and watching related videos. Has a great attitude and shares his knowledge with new employees graciously. He exemplifies what Winrock Automotive desires out of employees.” – Steve Long, General Manager

Employee Recognition Programs

At Winrock Automotive Group, we recognize the dedication and commitment our employees have to the goals and success of the company. Our appreciation for hard working individuals are extended through programs and incentives throughout the organization.

One of our recognition programs acknowledges an employee of the month through our careers page. The selected Employee of the Month receives a $100 gift card and lunch with our Vice President! It’s something simple, but truly meaningful to the entire company. We appreciate the hard work, dedication, and commitment our employees contribute to the overall success of the company.

Check out all of our team members above who have been recognized through this program!