About Our Company

Our History

Watertown Motor Company (Watertown Ford Chrysler) started in 2001 when the Rydell Group out of Grand Forks, ND purchased the former Bob Hayes dealership. The Rydell Group’s mission is to help make owner/dealers out of its distinguished employees, and this dealership was intended for Scott Driscoll and his wife Jodi. Scott, as dealer, would transform this dealership into a market leader for the area and establish a company with a strong culture based on the foundations of the Rydell Groups’ philosophy, “To be so effective that we are able to be helpful to others” which puts customer enthusiasm and employee satisfaction at the forefront of our company’s priorities.

The company continued to grow and expand, adding a body shop (Auto Body Solutions) in 2007 and a budget lot in 2010. The budget lot would later expand and be relocated to the former Billions dealership and would be joined there by our reconditioning department. In 2018, we would acquire our Bobcat franchise that would join with our budget center and reconditioning department, from this location we run all our Bobcat sales, parts, and service functions. The company continues to grow and expand currently totaling around 120 employees over three locations. We have provided countless opportunities to our employees over the years such as arranging training to become line technicians. Many of our employees have moved up in the company with a number moving into management positions and even have been given opportunities by the Rydell Group to have their own stores.

Rydell’s Vision

To be so effective that we are able to be helpful to others.

Rydell’s Mission

Industry Leader
Our goal is to be an industry leader in providing unmatched quality automotive products and services.

Meeting Needs
We will constantly strive to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere that encourages employee teamwork, integrity and excellence.

Constant Growth
Together we will set and continually improve sales, service and operational standards to ensure long-term market leadership and profitability.

Exceed Expectations
It is our mission to exceed our customers’ and employees’ expectations and maintain their loyalty for a lifetime.

Rydell Values

Rydell’s Philosophy

The Rydell philosophy is based on five key areas that we believe are critical to business success:

  1. Customer Enthusiasm
  2. Employee Satisfaction
  3. Financial Performance
  4. Market Effectiveness
  5. Ongoing Improvement

Our philosophy holds that each area is of equal importance and we continually strive to reach a level of excellence in each area. However, in any planning or decision making process, or in any situation of seeming conflict or contradiction among the five critical areas, Customer Enthusiasm will always carry the most weight.