About Walser

Our history and leadership

Our History

Through more than 50 years of service, Walser Automotive Group has become a pioneer in the automotive industry. Walser’s progressive commitment to growth, innovation, and the customer experience has changed the car-buying journey. That’s because our Core Values aren’t just words—we stand by them.

Do the Right Thing • Lead by Example • Display Positive Energy • Be Open-Minded

Those values drive every part of our business. It’s why we became one of the first “one price” dealer groups in the country in 2001. We did this to cut out the hassle and haggle of negotiations in the shopping experience completely. Our “one price” model means the price you see on a vehicle is the price you pay. Plain and simple. We removed our traditional finance offices, too, so customers could get in and out with their new vehicles faster.

In 2011, we took our customer service goals further and became a “one price, one person” company. No more handoffs, tradeoffs, and “let-me-talk-with-my-manager” moves. From start to finish, our customers work with just one person. We know our customers’ time is valuable, and we are committed to showing them that.

At Walser Automotive Group, customer service is not just a department. It’s a characteristic of our company. We look forward showing you the Walser Way.

The Walser Legacy Begins

Starting with a small location in South St. Paul in 1954, Jack Walser and two other investors purchased Peter’s Oldsmobile, starting up the Walser franchise.

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Our Leadership

Walser Automotive Group is guided under the leadership of CEO Andrew Walser. With over 30 years of automotive industry experience, Andrew has become the chief visionary behind Walser’s digital marketing initiative, new and used vehicle operations, and the company’s leading end-to-end service experience. Andrew’s primary focus has always been on eliminating customer aggravations in the sales and service experience, with the goal of reducing transaction times while enabling a more transparent and “customer first” process. Andrew recognizes the necessity to meet the needs of the consumer tomorrow. He is currently leading teams to develop training and technology t match the rapidly-growing capabilities of current and future online vehicle sales.

Andrew assumed the CEO position in 2017 after succeeding his brother, Paul Walser. Paul, who led the company for 20 years, currently sits as Chairman and now primarily focuses on acquisitions and manufacturer relationships. Paul continues his work on the Board of Directors of the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) as the representative for Minnesota auto dealers.

Walser Automotive Group is breaking the mold and defying expectations. We’re not just selling cars. We’re taking people on a journey and redefining the vehicle buying experience from start to finish.