What Drives You?

When you’re ready to grow, we’re right there with you.

Gearhead, numbers cruncher, or marketing genius—The automotive industry is built on eclectic backgrounds. If you’re passionate about connecting with others and making automotive dreams come true, Walser wants you.

We believe that being a high-growth company starts from within. That’s why we actively train and mentor our 1,800 employees to promote a culture of development and collaboration. We don’t stop there. Walser supports tuition reimbursement for employees pursuing academic enrichment in their fields.


Think Customer Specialists are just sharks who sell cars? Think again. At Walser, our Customer Specialists focus on a genuine customer experience—not another sale. That’s because we work commission-free. Our Customer Specialists are paid hourly to promote work/life balance but bonus based on team productivity to reward high performance. We do business out front and in the open. We skip the high-pressure negotiations and—above all else—we’re champions of customer service.

Walser is a management-producing leader in the automotive industry, and this is your first step in joining a hands-on, dynamic, and growing management training program.


This is not your grandparent’s garage. On top of excellent vehicle maintenance and repair knowledge, you are on the frontlines when customers need you most. Our service staff have access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We work in modern, climate-controlled facilities, and offer a tool budget so you can build your own toolbox.

And when you’re ready to advance, we’ll cover the cost of tuition. Life happens between the bumpers. Our service staff have the knowledge to get customers back on the road. Onward and upward.


Behind the dealerships, behind every financed transaction, every advertisement, and every well-trained Walser employee—there’s Walser Corporate.

From Finance and Human Resources to Marketing and IT, Walser Corporate is focused on providing excellence in customer service beyond the dealership. With an open floor plan and glass meeting rooms, our corporate office is a truly collaborative environment.

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