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Building a Legacy

WEDCO serves Harrison, Scott, and Nicholas Counties. We also have a Home Health Agency in Bourbon County. We work hard to uphold community values while also being aggressive in finding better ways to improve health outcomes. Our clinics, Home Health Agencies, HANDS program, and waiver program have been vital to the health and wellbeing of thousands of families since we were established in the late 1970s.


Employee Spotlight

Initially, when I was hired WEDCO was just a job. Today, 17 years later, WEDCO has been my passion. It is a career that has allowed me to thrive as well as a second family. I was hired as an Account Clerk I in 2002. My main job was to bill various payers and do data entry. I was only 26 years old. Throughout the years, I worked hard and had many great mentors who helped groom my confidence in my abilities. I have been able to grow through the Administrative ranks holding the positions of Account Clerk, Accounting Supervisor, Human Resources, and now the Administrative Services Manager. When looking back at my career, I feel so blessed to have found an agency that I could grow with. An agency that believed in me as much as I believed in it. As I said before, WEDCO is more than just a job, WEDCO is home!

Rachel Kendall

Employee Spotlight

I began working for WEDCO on August 19, 1991 as a Health Environmentalist I. During my interview I was told you will be inspecting restaurants and dealing with sewers. I thought “I have farmed all my life and it would be nice to get a paycheck for doing a good job every two weeks come rain or shine”. I was 23 years old at the time and I thought, “Wow I could retire when I am 50 years old”. Well I am 51 now and I still love working for WEDCO and seeing the good we have done for our communities over the years. I wouldn’t have today the things I appreciate if it wasn’t for the WEDCO family. I like to always say TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More and one of my favorite quotes is by Isaac Newton “ If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” Gene Thomas, February 27, 2019.

Gene Thomas

Employee Spotlight

"I love working for WEDCO for several reasons.

  1. Family oriented. WEDCO employees are like family!! We come together to celebrate the good and help others through the bad.
  2. My input/opinion is valued.
  3. I love what I do at WEDCO and I love being part of the administrative team."

Ronda Walton

Employee Spotlight

Why do I enjoy working at WEDCO? Because WEDCO is family. When I hurt, my WEDCO family hurts for me and they show it through their love and support. During my time at WEDCO, I have personally witnessed many a time in which staff members rallied together to support a co-worker. That cannot be found in every employment setting and I’m very thankful for it. WEDCO is truly a family-oriented agency and that resonates from management to each staff member. I love my WEDCO family and can’t imagine spending my career anywhere else.

Lorrene Rawlins

Employee Spotlight

I love working for WEDCO because I truly feel I am making a difference in my patients’ lives. I can honestly say that working for WEDCO has been the most rewarding of all my nursing positions!

Karvel Stull

Mission Statement

The mission of the WEDCO District Health Department & Home Health Agency is to be a voice, partner and leader in building stronger, healthier and safer communities for all, where we live, work and play.

Our Vision

WEDCO District Health Department & Home Health Agency is committed to being a leader in promotion and improving health outcomes for the citizens of Bourbon, Harrison, Nicholas and Scott Counties by engaging in activities which maximize the ability of the public health system to deliver appropriate services in the highest quality manner.

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