Growth and Development

Helping Patients Thrive Helps You Grow

Being a part of ABC Health Care means that you are helping someone improve their life. Many of our patients are recovering from a recent trauma. Some are treating a chronic condition that impacts their daily life. And some of our patients depend on us for every breath they take.

Patient Advocates

At ABC, we know how important we are to our patients. That is why we view every team member as a “Patient Advocate”. We advocate for the patient through coordinating care, education, clinician liaison, risk assessment, and clinical evaluation. Every role within our organization is valued and has a significant meaning to helping our patients receive the care they need.

By becoming a Patient Advocate, our staff invests themselves into each service or equipment provided. In turn, ABC invests in our staff. In fact, the majority of our senior leaders and management team are staff members who were promoted from within.

Investing From Within