About Breakthrough PT Marketing

Creating a World Where People Get Back to Normal...Naturally

At BPTM, we help Physical Therapy Private Practices improve their businesses through marketing courses, services, and software.

We believe that Private Practice PT provides a real alternative to expensive and invasive medical treatments for patients.

The current healthcare environment (hospitals, popts practices, etc) makes it hard for private practices because they’ve taken away the old way they used to get patients. Through scientific marketing techniques we help private practices deliver superior care to a larger audience, improving the state of healthcare and many peoples’ lives…naturally.

We deliver an awesome product and are doing a wicked job at sales and marketing which has allowed us to grow really fast! Which is why we’re looking for new members to join our team.

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Our Values

Our rockstar team is the core foundation of our business and these are the values we live by.

Do Shit That Makes a Difference

You get an extraordinary amount of important work done that helps our business and our customers. You focus on things that make an impact. You take action first, try stuff, measure results, then improve rather than over analyze.

Always Learning

You are a sponge that always strives to improve. You study, read, watch, and listen. You are obsessed with understanding more about the business, our customers, and yourself.

Own The Results

You care about results above all else. You act like an owner. You are relentlessly thinking and experimenting to improve results for our customers and the business.

Be Real and Have Fun

You’re radically honest and speak your mind and own it, even when it’s controversial. You call out actions inconsistent with our values. You make work fun.

Challenge The Status Quo

You don’t accept things for the way they are now and want to find a better way. You are not afraid to swim the opposite way of the crowd. You change things.

Elevate The Play Of Others

You’re consistently performing at a high level so your teammates rely on you. You’re positivity is contagious and it elevates the game of those around you. You put the interest of the team ahead of yourself.

Seeks To Understand The Customer First

You are ultra curious and listen to continually focus on understanding the customer and use that to help them and improve products. You are empathetic not sympathetic. You are adamant about customer results.

Ready to Join the Team?

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