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Building a Legacy

The Cronin Family has been in business in the automotive industry for over 70 years. It all began with a small Volkswagen dealership in Cincinnati and grew into our company today with multiple franchises and multiple locations and we love to serve every community that we are in!

We feel like the success of our dealership is a result of the way our wonderful teams do business. Simply, doing the right thing by our employees and by our customers in order to create a better experience.

We decided to build these facilities not only because we want our employees to have a nice place to work and to give our customers another reason to enjoy visiting us, but also because we want to invest in our community.

The reason we focus so much on the customer experience being great is that we know that in order for us to be in business for the next 70 years, it has to be! Any employee that joins our team is critical to the success of our organization.

Our Mission

To provide a culture that supports our team members in such a way that focus can be on delivering a truly superior customer experience based on our core beliefs – Integrity, Professionalism, and Value.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Treat others better than you expect them to treat you
  2. Smile when you talk
  3. Be a person of action – tomorrow is too late
  4. Listen to understand, not to respond
  5. Attack problems, not people
  6. Look the part, be the part and be on time
  7. Persist without exception
  8. Have fun, happiness is a choice
  9. Let our mission determine the decision


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