Growth at Email on Acid

A Day in the Life

We want to help your career but we don't want your personal life to take a hit because of it. Daily life at Email on Acid is the best in the business and we're sure you'll see why! When you come to work for us, you can look forward to these added benefits and employee perks!

Company Culture
At Email on Acid, we believe that our collective imagination is limitless. Our creativity thrives when we challenge ourselves. We don’t think outside of the box, because to us, there is no box. We live with integrity, listen to feedback and do our best to respond with grace and humility. After all, we are only as good as our word and our products must speak for themselves. We are driven, not by money, but by making a difference. We stand together as one. We are Email on Acid.

Work Life Balance
We understand that life involves both work and personal time. To support a balanced life, we offer Open Paid Time Off as well as a flexible work schedule. We are focused on results, not punching a clock. We understand that many times work bleeds into your life and your life bleeds into your work. While there will be ups and downs, stress and some breathers we want people to feel energized and stable.

Employee Events
Several times a year we bring our employees together (domestic and international) for corporate gatherings. Whether that is an Avalanche game, happy hour or racing around a go-kart track, we strive to build a team that not only works well together but plays well together. We also understand that it is not all about us, we understand that we are part of something bigger. To help others, we spend several days a year volunteering as a team. This provides an opportunity for us to work as a team in the service of others!

We are located at DTC which offers many conveniences - a short walk to the light rail, very close to I-25 and walking distance to Land Mark restaurants. There is also a new up-to-date gym available to all tenants.

Professional Development Opportunities
At EOA we strive to provide our teammates with the ability to learn. Whether that be from peers or more structured learning, we want people to be continually growing. Our expectation is that employees take control of their professional development opportunities. We do not have a structured training program- we want you to take control of your development and we will support you with both time and resources.

Opportunity for Advancement
We love to develop our employees and promote from within. Show us what you've got and the opportunities will be there.