Culture at Feldman Automotive

Our team and our values are the reason why we are a premier dealership group in Michigan. Our employees truly make a difference in the lives of our customers and our community!

Honesty and Integrity

We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Truth before profit.


We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

We are ladies and gentleman, serving ladies and gentleman.

Fanatical Attention To Detail

We have a relentless spirit and we strive for perfection.

We are always on stage.

Our uniforms are clean and pressed with name badges clearly displayed.

Our stores are clean and clutter free, inside and out.

Never content with results, always looking to improve.

Bullet proof follow up and follow through with our clients and other departments.

Team Player

We work together to provide a seamless presentation for the customer.

We share ONE vision and perform for ONE victory.

We are equals.

Fun and Enthusiastic

We attract team members that love to help customers.

Solving peoples automotive problems are why we come to work.

Customers like coming to see us, our stores just feel different.

We attract fun people that "get it done".

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