Our Beliefs

We believe that happy employees produce happy customers who make business thrive. It’s worked for us for more than 60 years so we’re going to stick with it.

Our Story

Findlay Automotive Group is a family business. It started with Pete Findlay who was a fighter pilot in World War 2. After coming home from the war Pete owned and operated a gas station in the tiny town of Panaca, Nevada. Eventually he moved to Las Vegas and opened a used car lot. Then in 1961 he opened Pete Findlay Oldsmobile. In those days there were less than 70,000 people living in the Las Vegas Valley.

The valley is now home to nearly 2 million people. As the area has grown we have kept pace with it. We now have 36 dealerships across 6 western states. Despite all of this growth we still remain a family business. Pete Findlay’s son Cliff is the CEO and Cliff’s three sons Justin, Robby and Nathan manage operations at various locations. Our success and extraordinary growth is a result of hard work, wise leadership and above all else strong relationships. We believe in making it a great day for everyone we come into contact with. Our focus is to build lasting relationships with three groups of people - our employees, our customers and our community.

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