Our Values

We believe that happy employees produce happy customers who make business thrive. It’s worked for us for more than 60 years so we’re going to stick with it.

Our Story

At the heart of Findlay Automotive Group lies a rich family legacy. Founded by Pete Findlay, a who served our country in World War II as a fighter pilot, our story began modestly with a gas station in the small town of Panaca, Nevada. Following his return from the war, Pete ventured into the automotive industry, starting with a simple used car lot in Las Vegas. In 1961, he established Pete Findlay Oldsmobile, back when the Las Vegas Valley boasted a population of less than 70,000.

Today, with the valley busy with over 2 million residents, our growth has mirrored the Vegas’ expansion. Spanning across five western states, our network comprises 33 dealerships. Yet, amidst this evolution, we remain true to our roots as a family-owned company. Pete's son, Cliff, now serves as CEO, while his grandsons—Justin, Robby, and Nathan—lead operations across various locations.

Our success is a testament to diligent work, astute leadership, and, above all, the nurturing of enduring relationships. At our core is a commitment to brightening each day for all we encounter. We prioritize cultivating lasting connections with three key groups: our dedicated employees, our valued customers, and the vibrant communities we serve.

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