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Our Mission Statement is simple yet bold, with vast implications on how America views the administering of healthcare services in the future. We have invested our lives in the belief that the highest quality healthcare will, and must, be provided in the home.

GoldLeaf is extremely personal to us, and we are committed to creating a better home care model. We believe that when a client calls, they should speak with us directly, not an answering service or voice mail. We believe that when our client desires to select the specific CarePartner matched with their loved one for personal care or wants to make changes to the care plan, they should be able to do just that. We are 100% dedicated to making decisions at GoldLeaf that benefit our clients and our employees, not some dis-attached parent company.

All GoldLeaf employees share the same commitment to one unique philosophy. We believe our clients and their families deserve home health care with compassion, communication, integrity, and grace.

Through innovation, education, genuine compassion and uncompromising values, GoldLeaf HomeHealth is revolutionizing the home health industry to provide greater individual independence and quality of life at home for seniors and adults.

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Our Core Values

Compassion – Always expressing Compassion as one family member to another, in a personal yet professional manner.

Communication – GoldLeaf teaches & requires open communication at all levels. While not everything needs to be shared, what does is communicated clearly, timely and completely using the most appropriate medium.

Grace – Grace is loving those who may not return it, forgiving those who don’t deserve it and disciplining those who will benefit from it.

Integrity – Means DO exactly what you say you will do, when you say you’ll do it and to the best of your ability every time!

Learning – We never stop learning. More importantly, we never stop WANTING to learn.

Respect – A belief that everyone deserves to be treated as our equal, regardless of their profile, position or our relationship with them.

Trust – Trust is to be revered within our company. Trust often takes a long time to earn but an instant to destroy. We express trust at all levels of our enterprise, internally & externally.

Caregivers, Coupling, Community

By hiring the very best caregivers and treating them with uncommon respect, trust and love, we believe they will offer the same to our clients.

Caregivers – This may be our most pronounced difference – we only hire the very best caregivers! How can we do this & make this claim? Simple really. We offer them more – more support, more training, more compensation, more benefits, more love.

Coupling – we strive to match every client with a single caregiver (to the extent possible) so they can develop a deeper, trusting relationship. No more revolving door of new people filling an added “shift”.

Community – It’s a fact that Americans are living longer than ever before. However, we don’t believe they are always living better! We are unique in our desire to help clients re-connect with their community, as they define it and as they desire it! We have developed our own methods for helping seniors realize they aren’t finished yet- they still have much to offer us all!


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