Growth at Holiday Automotive

Experienced Candidates

Don't settle for the rest, come work for the best! We love adding seasoned veterans to our team.

Constant and Never Ending Improvement
Learning isn't just for children! We'll help you develop professionally so you can be the best team member possible.

Competitive Compensation
We value experience and compensate based on skills and expertise.

Work Life Balance
As a family owned company, Holiday understands that work is only part of your life and offers flexible scheduling and a five day work week.

New College and Technical Graduates

Holiday is an open organization where the leadership listens to its employees because they have the answers to make our organization better. We are an organization that makes substantial commitments to the community, and have been doing so for decades. Simply put, Holiday Automotive is a great organization to establish your career.

Opportunities for advancement
We would rather promote from within, so if you're a top performer and you're able to prove it, you'll have an exciting future here at Holiday Automotive!

Culture of Fun
Our culture embraces the idea that if you do it right, there is no distinction between work and play. Joining the Holiday family means being part of a group committed to finding the fun in everything we do.

Professional Development Opportunities
We are a business that puts people first through relationships, encouragement, and goal setting.