About Our Company

Our History

Jaffarian Service was started in 1938 by Fred Jaffarian, the first Armenian-American born in Haverhill, when he leased a gas station on Haverhill's River Street. He and his wife, Alice, worked at a nearby shoe factory, leaving the gas station's management to cousin Charlie. Every day, Fred and Alice went straight from the shoe factory to work the gas station, eventually phasing out that grueling schedule when the station became successful. Their son, Richard (2nd generation), worked there after school, learning on the job how to fix cars.

In 1958, Richard Jaffarian, in his efforts to choose a high-quality car to establish a dealership — went to the library to research and found Volvo cars — a brand worthy of the Jaffarian name. Richard sought out a leading-edge vehicle know for innovation and safety, and subsequently choose to sell the Volvo brand.

The couple had the perfect formula for the American dream. His gregarious personality kept customers coming back, and her frugality maximized profits. Jaffarian Service expanded to sell tires, lawnmowers, and Hudson automobiles. In the early '50s, they switched from Hudson’s to Ramblers and added more service bays.

A true measure of success is employee longevity. Jaffarian team members join a workplace but also the Jaffarian family inherit their commitment to customer service excellence. The relationship with customers is an extension of our commitment to family – we pride ourselves on our one-on-one relationships. Any given day you will see Jaffarian owners Gary and Gavin on the showroom floor chatting with customers – visit the showroom at 600 River Street and you’ll see this family environment in action. This has been Jaffarian’s recipe for customer service success since 1938 – thank you for your business and thank you for considering joining the Jaffarian family.


In line with Jaffarian’s commitment to delivering the highest quality of service, Jaffarian Volvo was awarded the Volvo Dealer Excellence Award in both 2016 and 2017; and were one of only 40 Volvo dealers out of a total of 300 nationwide that earned this prestigious award for meeting and exceeding both Volvo sales and customer satisfaction goals.

Additional awards include:

Careers at Jaffarian

We are proud to help people progress through their careers and lives. We work towards creating an environment for success — our corporate culture is founded on delivering customer service excellence. We are committed that our team members are in an environment that they are proud to be a part of every day and are able to thrive and achieve their professional and personal goals.