About Our Company

Building a Legacy

In 2019, we have reached 492 employees across a total of 24+ businesses compared to our 314 employee and 14+ business totals just 2 years prior. We were able to grow to this size, and do so quickly, because the owner Anthony Dilorenzo set forth a vision and mission statement for the entire group of businesses.

Our vision is to be the most recognized and respected automobile group in the Northeast and to develop and manage the most real estate assets in the Northeast. We have shared values that help us achieve our vision, those values are; Respect, Integrity, Initiative, Value, Responsibility, Transparency, and Peer Development.

In order to achieve our vision, we use those values to execute on our mission statement which is to provide an exceptional experience to our customers and employees. What we have found is that with our vision, values and mission all aligning we have been able to grow rapidly by adding one final secret ingredient: promotion from within.

Our History

Travel back to 1986 and the owner, Anthony Dilorenzo, was just getting his start as a sales associate at Edwards Toyota. The company as it exists today started with Somersworth Auto Center in 1994. In 1997 Portsmouth Chevrolet was added and 3 years later Portsmouth Used Car Superstore was added. In the next ten years, 6 collision centers were added, as well as another dealership. Flash forward another 9 years and here we are in 2019 with 24 businesses. 13 Dealerships, 6 collision centers, a brewery, rental car company, 3 fitness centers, and more to come!