Life at Kocourek

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

What Teamwork Means to Us


Service Manager at Kocourek Chevrolet

AJ has the wonderful perspective of looking back on a couple decades of membership on the Kocourek team. He's also a second-generation Kocourek veteran, following in his father's footsteps. AJ thoroughly enjoys his role as Service Manager at Kocourek Chevrolet. It's the first location on which the Kocourek name was placed years ago and there's a real sense of pride being the flagship of the Kocourek fleet. It carries a real sense of responsibility because it has the longest reputation to maintain. Getting to the top is sometimes less difficult than staying on top, but Kocourek continues to lead the way. A service department is only as good as the professionals who do the work, and AJ has put together a team that's well-known and respected.

Pete Irwin

General Manager of Kocourek Honda and Chrysler in Stevens Point

Pete’s the guy who coaches the Kocourek Stevens Point team. The way Pete sees it, managers are not just responsible for instilling a sense of teamwork, pride, and professionalism - but also making sure there are challenges, fulfillment, and fun along the way. Guests put trust in everyone having to do with buying and servicing a car. Spend a few minutes with Pete and you’ll quickly realize he has all the energy and drive necessary to lead a popular, successful group of professionals.


Parts Manager at Kocourek Nissan Kia

Tiffany is Parts Manager at Kocourek Nissan Kia. She has been a parts advisor with Kocourek for 3 years, and just recently got promoted to Parts Manager! Her favorite thing of being a part of the Kocourek team is that she gets to learn new things every day because she gets to work with a variety of different team members. She defines success as working hard and going the extra mile, which she demonstrates every day. Tiffany always works hard to help guests in any way she can because she is very determined and personable.