History & Culture of the Lou Fusz Automotive Network

Our Beginnings

When Lou Fusz, Sr. opened his first dealership back in 1952, he had a vision of the future. His goal was to give the customer great service and to treat his employees with respect. He understood that by taking care of his employees, they would, in turn, take care of the customers. This is the basic premise of the culture of the Lou Fusz organization.

In 1969 when his son, Lou Fusz, Jr. joined the Company, he continued that philosophy and expanded on it. As the vision came more into focus, the Network grew and moved forward. New dealerships were added, along with more employees, all with a shared, common goal-to foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect among our team.

The Lou Fusz Athletic Club

This club was organized in 1992 by Lou Fusz, Jr. as a way to give back to the St. Louis community. Now involving nearly 8,000 young people from all across the area in soccer, lacrosse, and football programs, the impact since its inception has been tremendous. The leaders of the Lou Fusz Athletic programs have a passion for helping the youth of St. Louis get the best experience possible by learning the necessary skills in these three sports and, more importantly, life skills.

Present Day

In 2014, the third generation of the Fusz family assumed control of the Lou Fusz Automotive Network. Brothers Lou, Randy, Peter and Patrick now handle the day to day operations of the Company, while maintaining involvement in many community organizations, such as Junior Achievement, the USO, Backstoppers, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Their vision of the future is just as it was when Lou Fusz, Sr. bought his first dealership in 1952-to take care of their employees and their customers and to create an exceptional experience for all.