Culture at Luther Automotive

We partner with many organizations, charities and events across Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota which help the people in the community that we love to serve!

Community Involvement

Luther Automotive has a longstanding tradition of giving back to the community through partnerships with local organizations in the Twin Cities as well as organizations around the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. It is through this tradition that Luther has established three “arms” or target areas through which we aim to make a lasting impact: basic needs such as hunger or homelessness, addiction recovery, and job readiness. Below are examples of organizations around the Twin Cities that Luther has partnered with and a little bit about what they do for the people of the community.

Basic Needs: Luther has long been involved with assisting those that may not have the ability to support themselves, or have hit a rough patch in life and simply need a helping hand to get them back in the game. One such partner in this endeavor is The Sheridan Story, an organization that aims to provide food to children who are food insecure, meaning they do not know where their next meal will come from. By hosting various food packing events around the Twin Cities, The Sheridan Story’s goal is to combat the food insecurity of 200,000 children around the state of Minnesota. Partnering with Luther, among other local organizations, has allowed The Sheridan Story to expand within recent years, raising their initial impact of feeding 27 children for a weekend to over 5,400 in 144 schools.

Addiction Recovery: Addiction is a cruel, unrelenting battle, one that takes an immense amount of willpower and positivity to not only overcome, but stay the course and continue to rise above it for the rest of life. Luther has made a considerable effort in partnering with organizations that support recovering addicts because these people are those that have made a decision that they want to not only change, but better their lives. A key partner in this target arm is Wayside Recovery Center, formerly Wayside House. Beginning in 1954, Wayside Recovery Center helps women combat addiction and other health issues using a plan that is unique to each woman that walks through their door. The Wayside Recovery Center has a mission: to empower women to recover sobriety, identity, family, home, and community by providing treatment, housing, and supportive services. Over their sixty year history, Wayside Recovery Center has been fortunate to help more than 30,000 women and 6,000 children.

Job Readiness: The third branch that Luther has made a priority in giving back to the community is job readiness. Much like its commitment to helping those with addiction recovery, Luther has partnered with organizations assisting people with job readiness because it is a sure sign that they are proactively trying to change or improve their lives. Luther applauds and actively supports these individuals through a variety of programs. One such program is Cookie Cart, a youth employment program and retail bakery located in North Minneapolis. Cookie Cart aims to teach leadership skills to teenagers in an urban setting. The largest provider of jobs to teens aged 15-17 in the Twin Cities, Cookie Cart provides production and customer service jobs to youth in the city to teach them the value of professional skills such as resume building and leadership classes. Cookie Cart also exposes youth employees to corporations and community events they previously may not have had the opportunity of seeing or communicating with. Luther was excited to present Cookie Cart with a new van, which allows them to ferry more of their kids to opportunities around the city, exposing more kids and positively affecting more lives.

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