Core Values at Next Door & Window

Our Core Values

We want to help your career but we don't want your personal life to take a hit because of it. Daily life at Next Door Window & Company is the best in the business and we're sure you'll see why! When you come to work for us, you can look forward to these added benefits and employee perks!

Relentless Customer Service
We provide a world-class customer experience every time

Selfless Teamwork
We focus on others to achieve our collective goals

Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency
Be true in what you say and what you do

Continuous Growth through Innovation
Find a better way every day

Fanatical Attention to Consistency & Detail
Do what you do, exactly right every time

Employee Improvement Company
Our extensive training and self-improvement helps our team members to be better at their jobs as well as in their lives, as employee development is critical to our success.