Schlossmann Career Paths

When you come to work for Schlossmann Honda City, you're setting yourself up for success! We have a plan for you regardless of what position or department you start in!

We'll Show You The Way!

We feature an Internal Mentorship Program (similar to an apprenticeship), which focuses on our ability to perform routine maintenance competitively and in a timely manner. We aim to recruit entry level technicians, train them on the basics & hopefully promote through the process until they become Master Diagnostic Technicians.

There are 4 levels to the program. Basic is the “entry level” and/or student level. Most people in this category have limited (perhaps someone who works on their own vehicle) to ZERO automotive repair experience. They possess the desire to become automotive technicians and through a vetting process we determine if they have the necessary aptitude to start this career path. The Basic techs are paired into teams of 2 and work under the very close supervision of the Express Service manager (an experienced express technician) and are only allowed to do the very basic of services such as,Oil change, tire rotations, wipers & air filters etc. The Basic position is often filled with individuals in a technical training school/program. The student splits their time between school and working at the dealership and as these individuals gain knowledge and experience and demonstrate the desire to advance they are considered for promotion. These individuals will be required to become “Honda Certified” by taking a series of web modules.

The Apprentice technician is an individual that has progressed from within our system after demonstrating the proper skill set and the desire to advance. With that in mind we also will hire someone into this position that already has the necessary skill and training. The type of worked performed by an Apprentice tech are maintenance items such as mounting and balancing tires, brakes, tire repair, fluid exchange services and some light mechanical repairs. These individuals will be required to maintain their “Honda Certified” status and begin taking a series of technician training web modules and additional learning in a classroom environment.

Once an individual has been promoted to a line technician, and out of the mentorship program, they will be placed under the guidance of the shop foreman and/or their mentor. These individuals are required to maintain Honda Web certifications, improve their knowledge and skills, for consideration to attend outside training allowing them to progress to a Master Diagnostic Technician. Our goal is to fill every technical position from within!

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