Our Team at AutoTeam Delaware

Our Commitment, Vision, and Principles

Our Business Plan

We are committed to professional, productive and satisfied associates whose actions are client-driven with client satisfaction as the #1 priority. 

Our Vision

We will be known in our market as:

  1. The market leader of high-quality automotive products and services, and
  2. The most desirable place to work.

Our Pledge to Serve

Autoteam Delaware is committed to the philosophy of delivering excellent service. This standard serves as the basis of expectations for our conduct and drives our commitment to deliver the highest levels of care and service to our clients and our community.

Our Business Principles

  1. ​​​​We will always focus on our clients’ needs and wants and, if possible, satisfy them 100%.
  2. We will always do the right thing, morally and ethically, for our clients and associates.
  3.  Our primary competitive advantage is our associates’ motivations and skills; we will attract and retain the best.
  4. We will not be satisfied with the status quo, but will continually improve; second best is not good enough.
  5. We constantly seek to learn from our clients; we reward the clients we learn the most from.
  6. We will always price our products and services fairly.
  7. We are dedicated to earning the confidence of our clients for life.
  8. We believe in community service and continually encourage and support our associates’ participation.

Our "Pledge to Serve" and our "Business Principles" provide the roadmap to personal and business success. They exemplify that we are priveleged to serve our clients, and that we are responsible for providing them with the best possible experience and service at all times. Each AutoTeam Delaware associate is personally responsible to abide by the "Pledge" and "Principles" 100% of the time, in 100% of our interactions.




Owner Spotlight

Michael Uffner, President and Owner of AutoTeam Delware, has been active in the community for his entire career. He is a former Chairman of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and a creator of the Small Business Alliance. Mike is a recipient of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Marvin S. Gilman Award. Additionally, Mike was honored with a nomination for the 42nd annual TIME Dealer of the Year Award at the National Automotible Deealers Association Convention.


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