Career Development at Mills Auto Group

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The Mills Automotive Group focuses on innovation, entrepreneurial ideas, professional business practices and high economic returns makes career development and career management an essential component of our culture. The continuous evolution of our industry and our leadership objectives require new and developed skills, efficient business processes and organization structures aligned with our corporate strategies. To drive the performance of our organization we must have the vision and strategic plan to invest in organizational change and to develop ourselves and our employees as effective resources.

While we recognize the significance of developing our current employees, we also understand the value and foresight of looking ahead to the success of our future in supporting and nurturing relationships with academic institutions that provide the automotive industry with future employees. To facilitate this, we have developed relationships with local colleges to provide education opportunities. The Mills Automotive Group management company provides support throughout the organization, including the departments listed below!

Variable Operations

The variable operations at the Mills Automotive Group are committed to providing customers with a professional experience throughout every step of the sales process. With ongoing training provided by dealership managers, our variable team, which including guest services, business development, sales, and financial services, shares a commitment to customer satisfaction. We value our customers and recommit ourselves every day to exceeding their expectations.

Fixed Operations

The backbone of the Mills Automotive Group is the fixed operations team, which includes the service department, parts departments and collision center. Our highly-trained and experienced team members work diligently to provide customers with timely and high-quality service and maintenance for their vehicles.

Dealership Accounting

The dealership accounting team provides a critical link between each dealership department. These dedicated professionals handle the daily processing customer financial transactions, work with state motor vehicle departments, and manage business transactions with various outside vendors while ensuring timely and accurate reporting of the dealership's financial statement.

Leadership Positions

At the heart of the Mills Automotive Group Culture is the emphasis on promoting from within. The vast majority of our executive team, as well as leaders at our dealerships, has been promoted from within our organization. This process encourages continuity within the organization as people that understand and support the Mills Automotive Group culture are promoted to key positions. Team members can take advantage of training opportunities to prepare themselves for growth within the organization.

A Mills Auto Group Success Story - Ian Grohs

I was hired in November of 2010 at the age of eighteen to work in Stateline's parts warehouse. In early 2012 I was promoted to the position of warehouse manager, during which time I was responsible for filling and quality checking all wholesale parts orders and managing our delivery routes. In July of 2012, I deployed with my Army Reserve unit, returning to Stateline in September of 2013. Upon my return, I assumed the role of retail parts advisor, during which time I began developing my expertise in parts sales. In May of 2014 I established Stateline's accessories department, which gave our customers the ability to purchase and personalize new vehicles all in one shot. Within just a few months I was generating an average of more than $500.00 in accessories sales per new unit, and I was nominated for the Automotive News 40 under 40 award during this time! In December of 2015, I moved into Stateline's wholesale parts department, taking the place of one of our veteran advisors following his retirement.

My time as a wholesale advisor is giving me the opportunity to handle a much larger volume of business, and is preparing me for the next step in my career. In addition to my work for Stateline, I have also been working on my B.S. in Business Administration, which I am very close to completing, and I have continued to serve in the US Army Reserve.