The Meaning Behind The Circle

The word circle is defined as “an area of action or influence” and “a group of persons sharing a common interest or revolving about a common center.”

At Motor Werks, the customer is and should be that common center, which all of our actions revolve around. It is our goal to provide every customer a tailor experience that fits their needs, while exceeding their expectations.

The tagline, “Welcome to the Circle”, is a perfect representation of what Motor Werks offers. It’s an affordable luxury that is available to everyone. No matter what your connection to Motor Werks is, you’re always a part of the circle. Together we can ALL influence the customer’s experience to make it one they will never forget.

Every month Motor Werks goes 'Casual for a Cause' to help support local charities and spread awareness. For the month of April, we partnered with Lake County Children's Advocacy Center in support of National Child Abuse Awareness Month.

Each Friday for the month of April, employees wore Jeans with a $5 contribution per week. Employees received a different stick for each week they supported the cause, and one hundred percent of the proceeds were matched by Motor Werks and presented to the Lake County Children's Advocacy Center.

Motor Werks Sponsorship at Barrington High School

Motor Werks committed to a generous 10-year sponsorship with Barrington High School, which gives us bragging rights for the new naming of the field. The Motor Werks Auto Group name and brand logos will replace the Celebrate Life Field signage above the home grandstand. What a great way to represent our sponsorship mission statement!

    We own what we do and take full responsibility for our commitments and the results of our work.

    We suspend judgement and listen before taking action. We are sensitive to other’s perspectives or situations when they are different than our own.

    We ensure that we are invested in the team’s success by working together to achieve a common goal.

    We are real, we are open and we are honest. We are committed to building and maintaining an environment of trust. We speak the truth and face the facts.

    We always exhibit a can-do attitude as we work and interact with our colleagues and customers.

    We have earned the trust and credibility as a professional because are consistently fair, honest and truthful with our colleagues and customers.

    We serve our external and internal customers by focusing efforts on anticipating and meeting their needs, understanding their concerns and seeking to build their trust.